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Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Find The Best Answer Here

The number of pet owners who prefer feeding their pets on natural and whole foods is on the rise. This rise came after the release of the research results showing that commercial dog food may be dangerous to your dog. As pet owners explore whole meal options to feed their pets on, one of the questions; are bananas good for dogs is likely to emerge. In this article, you will find answers to this question exploring both the positive side and the negative impacts of feeding your dog on too many bananas.

Benefits of Feeding Dogs on Bananas

  • Nutritional Benefits

Just as they are to human beings, bananas are beneficial to dogs.Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and fibers. These nutrients are important supplements to your dog’s meal.Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps in protein metabolism and also helps in regulating blood cells’ functioning as well as bringing more oxygen to the muscles and the brain.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects cells from getting damaged as well as helping in building cartilages in the dog’s body.Potassium found in bananas helps in proper functioning of blood vessels and muscles. It also regulates the acidity levels of body fluids.Magnesium helps in energy transport and also in building proteins in the body.

Bananas are easily digested. In human beings, bananas are suitable to be fed even to babies. This results from the high digestibility. Even if your dog has a problem with the digestive system, a banana will be easily digested and deliver the nutrients desired during feeding.

Bananas have a high percentage of soluble carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important in energizing your dog as well as making it always active. Giving your dog some pieces of bananas while going out hunting or during training keeps your dog high and Active. A more active dog learns faster than a dull one during training.

  • Using Bananas as treats

Bananas have a sweet taste. Dogs like this sugary taste of bananas. You can use bananas in training your dog by giving it small pieces of bananas upon completion of small tasks during the training session.Remember to remove the banana’s peel since it can cause constipation to your dog due to in digestibility.

  •  Improves your dog’s digestive health

Veterinarian officers recommend that you feed a dog with colitis with bananas. Colitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of your dog’s colon.

The enzymes present in the banana helps in soothing the irritations in the dog’s intestines, including small pieces of bananas in your dog’s diet, contributes to treating this condition.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs

Are Bananas Good For Dogs

Disadvantages of feeding Bananas to your Dog

In exploring the answers to the question are bananas good for dogs there are a few answers that bring out the disadvantages of feeding your dog on bananas? This happens when you feed it on too many bananas. Being cautious enough will however help in solving the following shortcomings:

  • Bananas can cause constipation

If you are not cautious enough when feeding your dog on bananas to ensure you remove the peels, you can cause constipation to your dog.Banana peels are indigestible to the dog’s digestive system. They block the intestines especially when eaten in large pieces.

  • Bananas can cause allergic reactions

When introducing bananas into your dog’s diet, contact your veterinarian officer, this helps to be observant of any changes that occur on your dog’s health. Bananas are not toxic to dogs. However, complications may occur to your dog if you are not cautious enough when feeding your dog. This can result from the high concentration of potassium in the bananas.

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Mode of feeding

Feeding your dog on bananas may happen in various forms.

You can include small pieces of bananas to the usual dog feed that you give your dog. The recommended proportion is an inch-size piece in the dog’s meal. Add banana pieces to foods such as the whole yogurt. You can feed it daily for average to big breeds. However, for small breeds, feed a few times a week to avoid the disadvantages listed above.

Another option is feeding your dog on bananas as incentives during training. Bananas fit this role since they are sweet and also keeps your dog active during the entire training session thus learns fast.

Another feeding mode is preparing your dog’s food using bananas as ingredients. Use ripe and smooth bananas.


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