Best Dogs to Own

Best Dogs to Own

Best Dogs to Own

From all the pets most loyal pets are dogs, they provide security, comfort and love for human without any conditions. These qualities make them more superior from all other pets. Now the question is how to find best dogs to own. We suggest some most popular breeds of dogs that are friendly, healthy and popular in nature.

Labrador Retrievers:

Labrador is the most popular breed of dog usually called Labrador or simply lab. They mostly found in Canada, Australia, U.S and U.K also. Labs are playful, athletic and friendly in nature both with humans and other animals. They are very helpful for the blind people and autistic patient that’s why they are also called guide dogs. Law enforcement agencies also take their help in their work of detection.


Best Dogs to OwnPoodles:

Not all the poodles are friendly and suitable for family having children’s, this breed having sub-category including standard poodle, toy poodle and miniature poodle. Only the standard poodles are friendly, loyal, playful and smart with family having children’s. Poodles are attention seeker so don’t be annoyed if they want to be with you every time. Poodles are not friendly with people outside the home.Poodles



Maltese belongs to the toy breed of dogs, they are having long and silky coat. Maltese are very good choice for the people having dog allergies. These dogs are very friendly in nature and love to be cuddling. They are playful and good supervisors of smaller children while playing. They are recommended for people having small houses.


German Shepherds:

This breed of dogs originated from Germany in 1899, these are also called German shepherds dog (GSD), Alsatian and Alsatian wolf in Britain. These dogs are loved to learn new things, intelligent, obedient and enthusiastic in nature. They are used as police dogs and service dogs also, some official agencies are hired them in finding some clues. Shepherds dogs are very loyal in nature they feel discomfort without his owner.German Shepherds



Huskies are basically belongs to that breed of dogs used to pull sleds in northern areas but now people also like this breed as a pet animal. Huskies are very energetic, intelligent and the best thing that attracts people towards them is they don’t have the specific dog odor that usually all dogs have.


Golden Retrievers:

This breed of dogs are very popular in the United States, golden retrievers are very best at retrieving different games including hunting, tracking, sniffing. Golden retrievers are friendly, obedient, energetic and loyal. Their obedient behavior makes them superior and a family dog for the families having small children’s.

Golden Retrievers

Portuguese water dog:

Portuguese water dogs are friendly in nature not only with family having this but with the strangers also. These dogs are loved to learn new things as they are very independent, intelligent and loving. Portuguese water dogs originated from herd fish.

Portuguese water dog


Beagles are very energetic and intelligent because of these qualities this breed is usually found in airport or other law enforcement agencies. They are very sharp in sniffing that’s why they hired in airport for sniffing luggage that is illegal to carry. They are very comfortable and friendly in nature so this breed is highly recommended for families also.







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