Facts about Corn Food for Dogs

Can dogs eat corn

Nowadays nearly all manufacturers and sellers of pet foods incorporate corn ingredients into their products because they believe they are rich in nutrients and fiber that will help dogs be healthy and help relieve their constipation issues. Rumors have spread on the Internet that corn is not healthy, and others say it is good for dogs. The question is, is corn really healthy? Can dogs eat corn?

Corn, otherwise known as maize, is a yellow grain kernel that is found on corn cobs. They are healthy for humans because they are rich in fiber. Corn is a common food but is it for dogs as well? Corns would not grow well unless they are cultivated by farmers, so they are not purely natural when cropped. This is one of the factors why corns are not healthy food for dogs.Can dogs eat corn


Is it a cure for loose stools?

Many pet owners will suggest that giving corns to dogs with loose stools is beneficial. It can treat constipation, but this is just a common myth. Dogs cannot digest corn, unlike humans. Dogs have different digestive process, so thinking about giving corn to them will not really help. Corns and other kernels can only be digestible if they are processed or first refined into flour or a meal and cooked.

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In pet foods labels, you will see “whole” corn, which means it has been refined and processed well before it turns into a kibble or a pet food. The grounder the kibble is, the better the corn is digested. But this is not always the case. Because the more grounder, the higher the glycemic index. When the corn has higher glycemic index, the blood sugar in dogs will rise.

If your dog experiences loose stools, let it pass naturally and do not give corn as a treatment. Or you can give your dog a pumpkin, which is better and more digestible than corn. Dogs have faster digestive process unlike humans. Wait until it passes. If not, call a vet professional.

Corn on the cob: Is this OK for dogs to gnaw on?

Definitely NOT! Corn on the cob sounds a pretty substitute for a toy. Dogs enjoy gnawing on the cob and they can eat it whole when they are famished. Honestly, corns on cobs are indigestible even if they can handle it to get it down their digestive system. The worse is that it can cause intestinal blockage.

Can corn cause allergic reactions?

They said that corns do not cause allergies, but this is just another myth. In fact, corn-based pet foods can cause allergies in dogs. Why? It is common to detect storage mites where corn-based pet foods are placed for quite some time. The undetected contaminants could be the reason for food allergies in dogs. The contaminants are considered food allergens if they are undetected in pet foods.

Why do dog food manufacturers sell corn-based foods if they are not healthy then?

With the advent of the kibble on the market, many manufacturers use corns as part of fillers in the making of pet foods BECAUSE corns and other carbohydrates (potatoes and grains) are very cheap and are crucial to the kibbling process. Corn-based foods provide cheap calories and unhealthy nutrients. And as a matter of fact, dogs even get health problems because of the store-bought foods they eat.

So, can dogs eat corn? They can but there are possible adverse effects later on.

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