Can dogs eat honey?

The Truth about Feeding Honey to Dogs: Is it Really Safe or Not?

When we hear the word “honey”, we think of a delicious, sweet and healthy food. Honey is healthy to consume for humans but only for adults. Infants should not be fed with honey because of the botulism spores found in the food, and this is also applicable to dogs as well. Now, the question is, “can dogs eat honey”? We will disclose the truth about feeding honey to dogs here.


Let’s first discuss the botulism spores in honey. Botulism spores are bacterial spores that can cause fatal illness because of the toxin build-up. The toxin is produced by the bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can contaminate honey.

And for this matter, it is not advisable to feed honey to infants as well as to puppies because their immune system is not mature yet to fight the bacteria. That said, adult canine dogs can eat honey because their immune system is mature enough BUT feed them only in moderation.


Take note: honey is good only for ADULT dogs but feed them in moderation. Too much honey can cause upset stomach or worse, diarrhea. Moderation is the key to a healthy dog. Honey contains too much sugar and if it is not good for humans, it is also not good for dogs as well.

Keep in mind that raw honey is better than pasteurized honey. Raw honey is not heated or pasteurized so there are no added preservatives to it. And in some cases, raw honey is beneficial to dogs and can treat minor ailments as well.


Can dogs eat honey

Raw honey is a good dog treat alternative. It can be used as a natural remedy for health problems or all-natural sweetener for dog treats.

  • An all-natural treatment for canine allergies

Did you know that raw honey is a natural remedy for dog allergies? You can treat allergies in your dog as long as his allergy is triggered by pollen. All other allergies should be treated by a professional vet. Feeding a spoonful of raw honey each day can help your dog feel better. Only use raw honey because it comes from local hives, which have little amounts of pollen themselves. The pollen in raw honey can help your dog get used to the pollinated air. It reduces the dominance of airborne allergies.

A natural way to treat digestion problems

If your dog has a digestion problem, you can also feed him honey. Instead of treating your dog with medications that are harmful to the health, give raw honey instead. This is safe and all-natural. It helps your dog digest foods better and faster. However, do not give too much because it can cause upset stomach.

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Natural energy booster for dogs

With a small amount of raw honey, dogs can become active and alert. If your dog seems lazy or does not want to exercise or play with you, you can feed him a small amount of raw honey, because it has all-natural sugar. We all know that sugar perks us up, which is the same in dogs. This is way better than feeding him foods or drinks that are processed and mixed with other ingredients, such as caffeine, dyes, and artificial sugar.

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“Can dogs eat honey”? ADULT DOGS can eat honey in moderation. Do not feed any honey to puppies because their immune system is still weak and not yet mature. As for adult dogs, give them a little amount because too much can cause digestive issues, such as diarrhea or upset stomach.

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