Dog and Herpes Virus: Can Dogs Get Herpes?

Two types of herpes exist in humans– HSV1 and 2. The herpes simplex virus 1 is the cause of 80 percent herpes outbreaks, and one of its effects is lesions on the face or mouth.
The question that keeps popping out of the lips of many is, “Can dogs get herpes?” The truth is that there are multiple strains of the herpes virus that are specific to dogs.
According to studies, about 80 to 90 percent of the people in the United States have at one time or the other exposed themselves to HSV1.

The Canine Herpes Virus

The Canine Herpes Virus is also called “Fading puppy syndrome,” and the highest mortality rate is experienced with puppies.The reproductive organs and respiratory tracts in adult dog is where CHV resides.
For fully grown dogs, they can carry the virus without showing a symptom of it.Coughing,sneezing and sexual contact are some of its mode of transmission in adult dogs.
So, if I’m being asked this question, “Can herpes be transmitted to dogs?” my answer would be more precise, which would be, “Yes, it can be transmitted from mother dog to puppies via birth canal when the puppy is born.
And it is only possible if their mother has the virus present in the reproductive organ.

Symptoms of CHV in Puppies

Perhaps you don’t know, CHV is the leading cause of sudden death in newborn puppies. The symptoms are as follows; persistent crying, weakness, low body temperature, nasal discharge, difficulty in breathing, and bloody noses.
It is also believed that the symptom also come in form of painful abdomen(bloating or bruising), lack of appetite, etc.

How Can Canine Herpes Be Prevented?

Before I delve into how it can be prevented, has the thought occurred to you whether dogs can contract herpes from humans? The simple answer is no. There is no way that can happen because CHV is quite different from HSV.
Now back to the prevention. The best way to combat this disease in young puppies is by preventing exposure in the first instance; all you have to do is isolate a pregnant female dog during high-risk period.
Though the vaccine exists, but it is not yet available in the United States.

Can Dogs Get Herpes

Can Dogs Get Herpes

Treating CHV in Puppies

The treatment is not as complicated as you think. They usually vary from keeping them nourished, to hydration, and also keeping them warm too.The doctor gives them anti-viral medication to battle the virus. But the truth is that the mortality rate is very high, so many puppies still die even after being well cared for.

“Can dogs get herpes” may be the popular question from a wide range of people, but the more pertinent thing to do is seeking help from a veterinary. If your puppy is sick, the doctor would test for CHV and do the needful if your dog has it.
Dogs can’t get HSV, and humans can’t get CHV. So, if by chance you get sore outbreaks, don’t fret, your dog can’t contract them. Perhaps to mention the obvious, note that the symptoms above could be due to a completely different condition so you need to contact your vet whenever things get out of hands.

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