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The first dogs were brought to Hawaii by travelling Polynesians about 1, 000 years. These dogs soon fell in love with the long stretches of beach, where they had a lot of room to play and run. However, Polynesians did not keep their dogs exclusively for companionship but they were also a favorite delicacy. They […]


Can dogs eat honey?

The Truth about Feeding Honey to Dogs: Is it Really Safe or Not? When we hear the word “honey”, we think of a delicious, sweet and healthy food. Honey is healthy to consume for humans but only for adults. Infants should not be fed with honey because of the botulism spores found in the food, […]


Amazingly Adorable Dogs

Have you ever wondered what the world’s cutest dog breeds are? here are the cutest dog breeds. Yorkie Affectionately alluded to as the Yorkshire terrier is a definitive cutie in little breeds. In addition to the fact that they are modest, some are even “teacup”! Delightful for spruce up or play, the Yorkshire terrier is […]


Amazing Facts About Dogs

Below mentioned are top 3 dogs that don’t shed. Giant Schnauzers These delightful mutts were once reared in Germany for guarding and driving domesticated animals and got to be acclaimed after valiantly wandering close by fighters amid World War I and II. These days, Giant Schnauzers serve as police mutts, guard dogs and contend in […]


Maintenance of Dogs can Be very Cost Effective

Dogs are one the most common pet. Many keep it for the love for dogs; many keep them for security purposes and likewise many other reasons. Keeping a dog is not as easy as it may seem like. Keeping a dog means training it and taking full care of it. Before you actually decide to […]