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Dog and Herpes Virus: Can Dogs Get Herpes?

Two types of herpes exist in humans– HSV1 and 2. The herpes simplex virus 1 is the cause of 80 percent herpes outbreaks, and one of its effects is lesions on the face or mouth. The question that keeps popping out of the lips of many is, “Can dogs get herpes?” The truth is that […]


Are Bananas Good For Dogs? Find The Best Answer Here

The number of pet owners who prefer feeding their pets on natural and whole foods is on the rise. This rise came after the release of the research results showing that commercial dog food may be dangerous to your dog. As pet owners explore whole meal options to feed their pets on, one of the […]


Ibuprofen for Dogs

For many pet owners, our dog really is our best friend. As such, it is only natural that we want to help them anytime they seem to be experiencing pain or discomfort. But while popping a few ibuprofen is an easy way to deal with our aches and pains, we need to be more cautious […]


Facts about Corn Food for Dogs

Nowadays nearly all manufacturers and sellers of pet foods incorporate corn ingredients into their products because they believe they are rich in nutrients and fiber that will help dogs be healthy and help relieve their constipation issues. Rumors have spread on the Internet that corn is not healthy, and others say it is good for […]

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