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Melatonin and How its Used to Treat Dogs

Melatonin for Dogs Melatonin is a natural neuro hormone commonly used to treat insomnia in dogs. Naturally, the hormone is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. It functions to trigger sleep and relaxation. Should the body fail to secrete enough of it, a dog may lack sleep and even get depressed. In addition […]


Get Novox For Your Dogs

Novox For  Dogs Novox is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug of the propionic-acid class that is used to treat pain associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. The drug is also indicated for control of post operative pain associated with soft-tissue & orthopedic surgery in dogs. However, its use should only be under prescription by a veterinarian. The […]


Tramadol For Dogs

Most of the people living in foreign countries like to keep dogs and cats as their pets. The problem is that when the season changes they become ill. In this situation, tramadol hydrochloride is used as a medicine. It is a very good medicine used to cure dogs and cats. Basically, it is a medicine […]


Controlling Epilepsy in Your Pet!

Do you have any pets or do you wish to have one? Keeping pets is not at all easy! You have to take care about their food, their comfort and also have to make sure that they go through no pain whatsoever.  Many animals have seizures which can be quite difficult to control. Phenobarbital is […]


Pork A Harmful Food For Pets

Importance of safe food for pets: Always pay attention to the food of your pets. Choose a considerable measure like your neighborhood pharmacy for your pets. It offers an extraordinary choice of excellent stock, amicable administration and, clearly, little daily price. It has an exchange purpose: to present to you the best shopping background on […]

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