Controlling Epilepsy in Your Pet!

Do you have any pets or do you wish to have one? Keeping pets is not at all easy! You have to take care about their food, their comfort and also have to make sure that they go through no pain whatsoever.  Many animals have seizures which can be quite difficult to control. Phenobarbital is a drug which is used to control animals when they have a seizure. It can be used along with some other drug in order to make these seizures occasional and to make them less severe.

What is a seizure?

Now a seizure is a sudden urge which occurs in the brain and causes a disturbance. These seizures are normally very common in dogs. Phenobarbital for dogs and other animals is used to stable the neuron activity happening in their brains. Phenobarbital affects the brain chemicals also known as the neurotransmitters; one of these neurotransmitters is the GABA.  Phenobarbital helps by increasing this neurotransmitter which then helps in calming your animals’ nerves. There is also another neurotransmitter called the Glutamate; this stimulates ones nerves while Phenobarbital is used to decrease it.

Phenobarbital, though it decreases the neurons effects, they also affect the other neurons present as well. This causes lethargy and other unwanted side effects! So if you happen to be using Phenobarbital for dogs, you might want to monitor them closely.

You need to be really careful while using this drug!

Be sure that you don’t miss out on any dose, because if you do this will cause your animal to have a seizure! Be sure to give them their dose on time, if you miss one just keep continuing with rest. Remember do not give your animal two doses at once! Keep the drug stored at room temperature in a tight sealed container.

Remember this drug will cause some side effects!

Your pet is most likely to face lethargy and might be tired all the time. Also due to this drug it might also spend most of the time sleeping and unconscious. Your animals’ appetite will also increase and it will require more food and water.  Plus it will urinate more often. In the case of dogs any trick you might have taught them will most definitely be forgotten. And if your animal gains a lot of weight, remember it’s all due to the drug.

Also, Phenobarbital is most likely to react with many other drugs. These drugs include Anticoagulants, Antihistamines and Diazepam along with many others.

However, it is better to be cautious when using this particular drug on animals with some sort of disease or an abnormality. If your pet has a kidney problem or a liver disease, anemia or if it faces some sort of breathing difficulties, it is better to be careful!

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