Extra Large Dog Crate Review

Aluminum crates

Dog Crate:

A dog crate is a captive cage made up of metal wire, plastic, or fabric with a door. In this a dog can be kept for security reason or use in time of transportation.

Dog crates are usually designed to duplicate a dog’s natural home refer as den and to provide them with a place which makes them feel like at home or when transporting to new surroundings. Crate training makes them accept the living with the crate. The common and most reasons for using a dog crate are; for toilet training a puppy, taking a dog on trips keeping it inside the car, taking them for display at a dog show.

  • Types of Dog Crates:

There are many types of dog crates:

  • Solid plastic crates: They are usually more suitable crates for secure travel, such as in train and airplane. They are also safe in acar accident rather than other types of crates. Disadvantage of this crate is that it takes up a lot of space and do not fold.

plastic crates

  • Aluminumcrates: These crates can be fixed or folding. Their advantages are: they are light weight, very strong and durable when constructed with proper structure and bracing, do not rust, excellent vision for the dogs. Aluminum crates are suitable for use at car travel, as a permanent “den” for your dog.

Aluminum crates


  • Wire crates: They are usually can be folded for storage freeing or transport, although they are fairly heavy because of their size. They are favorable in airflow for the dog and provide people and dog a clear view inside.
  • Extra Large Dog CrateDog tents: These are an alternative to soft crates. They consists of many of the same advantages of soft crates, but the folding of these tents to even smaller size and are very much lightweight which makes them to be stuffed into tent bags. They can be taken virtually anywhere.

Dog tents


Extra Large Dog Crates:

When you are traveling with your pet, you firstly need to think about your pet’s safety. Whether you are travelling by car or by air, extra large dog crate is one of the highest priorities; it will be very secure and durable crates for the conditions today. Their extra large size makes them perfect and more secure for your pet, for domestic and international airline transportation. Their durable wire doors that could be locked for added security, wire structure promote healthy air flow. Extra large crates meet the requirements for airline transportation to provide the pet a secure and vast environment to relax and spend long journey easily. This size of crate is favorable for traveling in the cargo hold. It can also be used for training and in the car traveling for comfortable safety.

The following are the categories of the extra large dog crates available:

  • Extra Large 48″ Folding Pet Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel With Plastic Tray
  • Retriever Single door dog crate, Extra large
  • Heavy Duty Pet Cage Playpen w/ Metal Tray Pan
  • 54″ XL Extra X Large Dog Crate Cage Kennel
  • New XL Pet Dog Puppy Foldable Portable Soft Crate Playpen Kennel House

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