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Maintenance of Dogs can Be very Cost Effective

Dogs are one the most common pet. Many keep it for the love for dogs; many keep them for security purposes and likewise many other reasons. Keeping a dog is not as easy as it may seem like. Keeping a dog means training it and taking full care of it. Before you actually decide to keep a dog it is necessary to fully research each and every breed of dogs and their traits and care. As taking care of a dog is not a piece of cake and it does require one’s full attention and time, so the best option among all breeds is the ‘low maintenance dogs.

Low maintenance dogs are those dogs which require very less care.  In short, one does not have to look after them often. These are such breed of dogs which do not need a lot of care. They do not need to be taken on long walks. They do not need to groom much or trained like most of the dogs. This would further mean that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them with their food and other things because more or less these dogs are pretty adjustable in all kinds of conditions and situations. Now the question arises as to what specific breeds of dogs are counted among these low maintenance dogs, here are few famous breeds of dogs which do not require your time and effort.



These are dogs with short hair. As they don’t have longer body hair like most so they don’t need much care with their body hair. However, there are some Chihuahua, which have long hair, but then again, even those are too short to need to be groomed or taken care off. No tension for shampooing or cleaning those short hairs and these dogs don’t get dirty so easily. One more benefit one can get about these dogs is that they have big wide ears. These big wide ears make it easier to clean them and hence one can save their laboratory visits.

low maintenance dogs


The Dachshund is another kind of breed which is famous because of their smooth skin. They do not need much grooming and training. Mostly they inherit some of their habits which help them to self-train themselves. However, these dogs also inherit some other issues in their old age, one of such issue is the back issue which is very common  among them.

Low maintenance dogs


Australian cattle also are another breed of dog with very short body hair. Due to the shorter hair length they don’t need shampooing or cleaning often. They need occasional baths and cleaning. Also brushing can be done weekly or after every 2 weeks. These stay healthy and get sick very less so their owners won’t have to visit the vets very often. The only care they need is that they need trimming for their nails. And their teeth should be kept clean in order to maintain hygiene.

Low maintenance dogs

Owning a dog is a much of a work and takes your full attention and care so it is better to go for a low maintenance breed of dogs if you are a busy or a lazy person.

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