Hawaiian Dog Names

The first dogs were brought to Hawaii by travelling Polynesians about 1, 000 years. These dogs soon fell in love with the long stretches of beach, where they had a lot of room to play and run. However, Polynesians did not keep their dogs exclusively for companionship but they were also a favorite delicacy. They were usually fed on a diet rich in poi and slaughtered for the purpose of feeding visiting chieftains as well as royalties.

More and more dogs were brought to Hawaii with time and eventually, the original ancestors became extinct. Today, they only exist as part of the numerous mixed breed dogs, also known as poi dogs that are found in the island today.

Hawaiian Dog Names

Hawaiian dog names are numerous and can be used for any breed of dog that you own or are planning to have in future. These dog names are unique to Hawaii and are seldom used anywhere else. Here are some of the most popular Hawaiian dog names and their meaning:

Ilio: This word simply means ‘dog’. This makes it a great name most for any canine of any color, breed, gender, or size.

-kei: This name translates to ‘pride and glory’, or ‘dignified one’ in the Hawaiian language. It is most appropriate for elegant, beautiful pooch.

-Hae: In Hawaiian, the name means ‘barky’. It is therefore most appropriate for a yippy little pooch or one with a loud bark.

-Lelele: This name simply translates to ‘friendly’. It is a good name for your dog since it is your friendly companion. In addition, the name sounds more feminine and is therefore most appropriate for a female pooch.

-Hiwa: This means ‘jet black’. It is therefore a great name for any black coated canine, either male or male, of any breed.

-Nani: The meaning of this name in Hawaiian is ‘beautiful, pretty one’. This makes it a perfect choice for a pretty lady pooch.

-Mea A’a: This word translates to ‘adventurer in the Hawaiian language. It is a great name for an adventurous, curious dog.

-Auli’i: This means ‘dainty’, ‘perfect’,’ cute’, ‘nice’, or ‘trim’ in the Hawaiian language. You can choose this name for cute, little dog of either gender.

-Pua: This is the name of a pretty flower found in Hawaii. It would be a very great name for any feminine breed of dog.

-Noa: This translates to ‘freedom’ in the Hawaiian language, it can be a good name for any breed of canine, either male or female.

More Hawaiian Dog Names

Hawaiian Dog Names

There are so many other good Hawaiian dog names that you can adopt for your dog. However, the ones mentioned here above are the most popular ones. You can choose the most appropriate one for your dog.

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