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Most Popular Hunting Dog Names – Favorite Names for your Favorite Dog

Hunting Dog Names

A dog is man’s best friend, and they need names that suit their unique personalities and will initiate a quick response. Hunting dogs are working dogs, and therefore deserve special hunting dog names that suit their status and the work they do.

You want to be sure that the name you choose for your dog is easy to pronounce and that the dog knows its name before you start hunting together. There are several different types of hunting companion dogs, including scent hounds, retrievers, gun dogs and water dogs. Each dog has different capabilities that enable them to perform various jobs for their masters. Let’s look at some of the best names for the working dog.

Hunting Dog Names

Hunting Dog Names: Male & Female

An alpha male dog is the king of his territory and needs to have a suitable strong name that matches his temperament. Male dogs are recognized for their determination, power and strength, and their name should be a testament to that. This is the sort of dog who never backs down and is always ready to hunt with his owner. These are a few solid names that you could consider for a male dog: Max, Sam, General, Jack, Brutus and King.

The female hunting dog is the queen of her homestead and unmistakably loyal. A female hunting dog is an excellent choice because they are independent and protective. She loves to hunt and impress, and is always full of energy. These are strong female names that hint to the females’ prowess: Lady, Molly, Mackenzie, Sadie, Lexy and Abby.

When choosing a hunting dog name it is important to pick a name that suits the breed and the nature of the dog. There are highly unique names and also some more popular names that numerous people find suitable. Here are just a few popular hunting dog names: Gunner, Hunter, Bear, Rocky, Lucky, Wolf and Shadow.

Not all hunting dogs are large animals. The dachshund, for example, is a smaller dog that is used widely as a hunting dog. Due to their excellent sense of smell, they can be used to hunt both above, and below ground. Smaller hunting dogs still deserve strong names and here are a few interesting ones: Buster, Sparky, Champ, Scout, Rosco and Buddy.

No matter which name you finally decide on, make sure it is suited to your dog’s temperament and personality. A large dog should have a name that speaks to its size and power, while a smaller dog should have a name that emphasizes its strong spirit and determination. A female hunting dog should have a strong feminine name that highlights her bold and intelligent manner. If you are naming dogs that may hunt together in a pack you’ll want to choose names that do not sound similar at all, to avoid confusion between the animals. It’s important to remember that the name of the animal should not sound like any command that could be given out when hunting. Trainers recommend names that have two to three syllables are the easiest for dogs to learn. Hopefully this article has helped give you some ideas and insights on hunting dog names.

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